Udutha Foundation

About Us

 “Vaasudeva Kutumbam” is a Sanskrit phrase that means that  ‘The whole world is one Family’- and this is our understanding of Humanity. We at Udutha organization believe that every individual of our society is valuable, and sometimes all one needs is a push of encouragement to realize their full potential and we are ready to provide that nudge of support.  We are a humble charity and crowdsourcing organization. We believe in bringing a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

Our name in Telugu translates to Squirrel, and the interesting reason behind this name is, When Lord Rama had to cross a massive ocean to get Sita back, the entire Vanar sena started helping Rama to build a bridge. Rama noticed a little squirrel that wanted to help, in its own way it started picking tiny stones with its mouth and places them near the boulders. The tiny stones placed by the squirrel were connecting two boulders. The Squirrel was doing whatever it could to make a difference and offer its service. We take inspiration from this story that- No act of kindness is ever small. 

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Magic of Help!​​

Helping others is the simple way of showing another soul that there is Love in the world. The outbreak of Spanish flu in 1918, which affected 1/3rd  of the world population. A group of Nurses in Philadelphia formed a Visiting Nurse Society and visited as many as families they could to provide the necessary aid. One Nurse from the society in order to save a family lost everything due to the deadly disease in severe cold with a month-old baby, She stayed with the family and provided everything they needed to recover. Just with the help of this one brave nurse a family of seven was saved. 


 A present-day example closer home is about a Dalit woman who got married at a very young age and couldn’t get her education. She fought back with her family and the entire village. She not only went onto getting a Masters's Degree but now is the first Dalit woman in the Editors Guild of India. She provides employment to a lot of young women in her locality and inspires many others. All of this was only possible with her determination and a Woman from NGO who met her in the village and gave a nudge to her potential. 

This is the true Magic of Help, Udutha believes that One Random Act of Kindness can bring a change in some ones life and all of us together can make this Magic Happen.