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The Magic ofhelp

A CANDLE LOSES NONE OF ITS LIGHTS BY LIGHTING ANOTHER CANDLE                                                      



Udutha Foundation aims to make this world a beautiful hearted place. Where everyone is for everyone! Where miracles can happen even with little help. 

It is not about the size of help.
It is about the size of the heart that helps.

Impact Areas
The Magic of Help!​​

Miracles do not define the world. But by a world of tiny help that makes a miracle! Human Support touched new skies in the uncertain times of 2020, when there was support and help needed from all directions. Amidst the dark clouds, we all could make a difference by standing for another.

Udutha Foundation is a collective mindful step towards creating a stronger good human community where each stands for another. Where help may be small, but it exists. Where hope is bright!

Udutha Foundation is a Not-For-Profit entity that finds its reason for existence on this earth by supporting the needy and unfortunate.

How does udutha work

Validate the source by connecting with the needy & interviewing them

Understand the kind of support needed

Communicate and Campaign for support through volunteer networks across Social The universe and In-person

Communicate the progress to the Uduthas from time to time

Monitor the incoming support and lead the journey till the fund is utilised correctly for care

Udutha Volunteer Network

The heart and soul of Udutha Foundation is its volunteer network. The Volunteer network spreads the cause of Udutha Foundation across the world. They will stand to shout for support whenever there is a need.

We are looking for Volunteers who find happiness in others' happiness, who believe in the magic of help.

Do you think you can support the cause?

Share your Details - Udutha Foundation loves to connect with you!

Our Collaborators 
Planet green
Veda Bharat Natural Farming
DeZero Stories
ankura hospitals
Farm Natura
Chemistry Hyderabad
Nirmandhra Constructins
Aliens Group
Siquis Advertising

Your Firm can be a Udutha Collaborator too!

Udutha Current Campaign

Let's give hope to this 8-year champ - Lakshmi Sowjanya, that we all want her to be healthy again and enjoy her childhood.

Let's support her Open heart surgery!

Udutha Foundation is raising funds to save this girl

Are you with us on this mission?

Fund Needed: 5 Lakhs

Contribute as much as you can

Spread the message as wide as possible.

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What kind of support do you need?

The need for help comes from anywhere, from anyone! Udutha Foundation is keen to support any genuine need. 

Do reach to us with details if you find someone seeking help.

Udutha Foundation and its volunteer network validates the authenticity of the need and start campaigning across our networks. 

Your best support comes by spreading proper information and letting others join Udutha's cause.


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